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Do Buyers Fall in Love or Check the Facts?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Is buying a home a financial decision made based on analytics? Or is buying a home an emotional decision based on a gut feeling? This is a topic I think about and discuss almost daily. Most people would like to think that they make their house buying decisions based on careful calculations and factual data. But I am here to tell you, that is not what happens.

Most buyers will look at dozens of homes before they find their "dream home" or their "perfect for right now home". When the house hunt begins, most likely they will hire a real estate agent and give this agent a lists of needs, wants and other criteria to define their search. This list will include the number of bedrooms, garage size, pool or no pool, school zones, etc....the list is endless. All criteria that can be checked off like a Honey Do List.

The real estate agents will then get to work, finding every home that meets as many of the criteria to show to their new client. With every house they view, the buyer will approach each door with excitement and hope. Hope that this is "THE ONE". And with most of these houses, the buyer will exit that same door overwhelmed with disappointment. The house may have had the correct number of bedrooms, the perfect outdoor spa and a dream walk-in closet. So why the disappointment? The buyer did not feel THE FEELINGS! The home lacked the presentation to invoke a positive emotional response from the buyers.

So, the search continues for the buyer and agent. And the seller receives another viewing with no offer.

This is why the presentation of a home is critical; regardless if it is a "seller's market" or a "buyer's market". Because we all know that the goal is to sell the house for as much money and in as little time as possible. To do this, you need the RIGHT buyer. The buyer that will fall in love with your home regardless of that checklist.

The buyer has to fall in love with the home and you have to show them what to love about it.

Is it the perfect reading nook to settle into every Sunday evening? The dream kitchen island to rollout pie crust for the holidays...or perhaps the perfectly serene master bedroom to rest your head at the end of a long day. All of this can be experienced within the MLS pictures and through the tour of the home.

This is where your Stager walks in...not only does a Professional Stager have the supplies and resources to best style your home. They are also trained & certified to know how to create the showing experience that will invoke positive emotional responses. The experience that turns the buyer's criteria list into your offer letter.


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