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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Dallas Area Home Staging Professionals

How long does the STAGING process take?

Do you use my things or provide all STAGING material?

How much does it cost to STAGE my home?

Does STAGING increase the value of my house?

Is the furniture, decor, and other STAGING material you use in the houses, for sale?

How do I schedule my STAGING?

When should I contact the RBCo for scheduling?

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my appointment?

The time it takes to Stage a house depends on the type of Staging 
(Occupied, Vacant or Hybrid) and if their are add-on services included (Cleaning Service, Mulch Service, Handyman Services, etc...).


An Occupied Stage typically takes 2-4 hours to complete the full Stage. We start our Occupied Stages between 8-10am and we ask that you schedule your photographer same day (starting at 3pm). For Vacant or Hybrid Stages, we require 36 hours from the truck arrival time. Photographers can be scheduled anytime after the 36th hour. Truck arrivals typically are between 4pm-6pm or 10am-12pm.

All that being said, we can customize the timing of the Stage to accommodate each client. Please discuss your needs with Rebecca directly.

Staging Material is all furniture, accessories, decor, linens, etc used to Style your home for pictures. Vacant Stages are designed to utilize The RBCo Staging Material only. A Hybrid Stage is a unique situation where the home currently has some of the items needed to Style the property; however, The RBCo's Staging Material is utilized to fill holes and complete the Stage. 

An Occupied Stage is a service where The RBCo team utilizes only the home however's items. However, there is a Fluff Package add-on that can be included in the Staging Plan. A Fluff Package includes artwork, decor, lighting, accessories, linens and other items to be used with the home owner's furniture. The Fluff Package is best when the home owner has minimal or outdated "Fluff" in their home to properly Stage the home for pictures.

The cost of Home Stage does vary depending on the size and needs of the home. However, Rebecca is passionate about designing a Staging Plan that will accommodate every budget. 

An Occupied Stage investment range from $280-$560 (on average). A Vacant Stages investment starts at $1,600. 

The RBCo does offer payment plans and Paid at Closing (PAC) options for the clients. 

There are many "values" of a home...Tax Assessment Value, Market Value, Zillow "Zestimate" (insert eyerolls), Sentimental Value, etc... When discussing Home Staging, we will speak of the Perceived Value. Perceived Value is the potential buyer's evaluation of the merits (or value) of the property. The Perceived Value is how the potential buyer thinks the property will meet their needs, expectations and wants. 

The Perceived Value is what potential buyers use to determine what type of offer they will make on a property. Granted  the Market Value plays a significant role in the offers and determining the List Price for the property. But most often, a property does not sell for the Original List Price. 

Home Staging is designed to effect the Perceived Value of the property. Home Staging does many things to a house; including, show size perspective, accentuates the strengths of the property, distracts from the weaknesses of the property and allows the potential buyers to envision their life in the home. One of the biggest effects of a professionally Staged property is to create emotional connections in the potential buyers. It is these emotional responses that increase the Perceived Value of the property. Once the potential buyers have emotionally bonded with the property, they are more likely to offer higher amounts, more incentives (leasebacks, etc) and they are less likely to request repairs and other expectations. 

Home Staging will not only increase the final Sale Price of your home but it will also bring you the strongest offers from each potential buyer.

Yes, most of our furniture, decor, art, etc can be sold with the homes. However,  purchase inquiry is handled case by case. 

Many things go into the determination if the Staging Material is available for sale. For example, how easily it is to replace the items or how many like items we currently have in inventory.

All RBCo Staging Material has a pre-determined life in inventory to ensure the quality of our Stages. This also plays a huge role in whether items are available for purchase and what their price will be.

Rebecca continues to add decor and other home items to The RBCo Home Collection. This is the best place to bring a little piece of The RBCo style into your home.

Ready to schedule, e-mail us at

The sooner the better, is always the answer. The RBCo can give guidance on how to prepare for Staging and Listing the home.  This includes recommendations on repairs, updates, decluttering and packing. 

Additionally, The RBCo calendar is typically booked out 3 weeks in advance. Although, Rebecca will always try to accommodate last minute scheduling requests but they cannot be guaranteed.

If you wish to List your home in June, give us a call by May 1st!

We understand that scheduling can be a challenge and things can come up that require a change or cancellation in your appointment.  We ask that you give us a minimum of 72 hours notice for any changes or cancellations before your scheduled appointment.  We will work with you to accommodate any changes you need to make. You can text, call or e-mail Rebecca directly to make changes to your appointment.

Any changes or cancellations made within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment are subject to a cancellation fee.  It is at the the discretion of Rebecca Boler as to how this fee is or is not charged. Please see our Appointment Policy for more details. 

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