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Would You Show Up To The Party Naked?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

We all know the importance of dressing to impress, right? Wouldn't the same apply to your house when listing it for sale?

When preparing for your holiday parties, job interviews or a date night, you take great care to pick the best fitting suit, perfect jeans or sequin skirt – I definitely know that you would never arrive to the event in your birthday suit. So, it begs the question ... why wouldn't you take the same care and consideration when listing your home for sale?

An empty house presents as cold, unwelcoming and without possibilities; while exposing every bump and bruise to the potential buyers. As the house is being previewed, the buyers have no opportunity to sit and relax in the space - allowing their minds to explore the possibility of making the house their new home.

Just as damaging as an empty house, is a poorly Staged house. A Staging Plan that uses incorrectly scaled, outdated or low quality furniture will create distractions in the home and have a negative impact on the showing experience. Imagine a large breakfast room styled with a 4 person dining table - this tells the potential buyer that only 4 people can eat breakfast together and will quickly turnoff any family of 5.

When you prepare to sell your home, it is time to take a long look in that full length mirror. Checking each angle to ensure that you are dressed to impress. It is a Professional Home Stager that will know what size, color and style that will be the best fit for your home.

Is Every Home Staging Created Equal?

The answer to this question is easy...NO, not all Staged Homes will create the outcome that was intended.

In fact, a poorly Staged house can do more bad than good. It is important to choose a Professional Home Stager who knows how to pick furniture, art and accessories that will accentuate the positive attributes of the house while distracting from it's weaknesses.

When you partner with a Professional Home Stager, the home will be evaluated for the best Home Staging Plan. Several things are considered when creating the plan; the style and size of the house, location and list price (just to name a few). This will help determine the style and size of the furniture and decor. Additionally, it will determine how many spaces need to be Staged and the necessary budget.

While creating the Staging Plan, the Home Stager will consider both how the space will photograph and how the space will feel when potential buyers tour the home. The plan will ensure that the windows, size of the rooms and other attributes of the house are the focus of the photographs. The furniture will be placed in a way to create a comfortable flow and allow natural sources of light to be unobscured. Further, art and decor will be used to style the home to align with the most sought after home designs.

How Do You Choose Your Staging Partner?

Becoming a Professional Home Stager does not happen with a certification class and a business card. The Home Stagers credentials should include Staging and Paint Color Certifications, insurance, a strong training history and expansive portfolio. Additionally, they should have the necessary resources to protect your home during the staging process.

Choosing the right Professional Home Stager will help guarantee that the Staging will make a positive impact on the sale of your home.

Your Home Stager should have the industry knowledge and experience, plus the necessary resources to dress your home for success.

I would love to hear your Home Staging experiences. Comment below to share your stories!


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