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I Have Great Taste...Can I Stage My Own Home?

One of my favorite parts of being a Home Stager is sharing a passion for home styling and design with y'all. When I tour your home, in preparation of creating the Staging Plan, I love learning about your life through the style of your home. However, no matter how much we both have a love for styling our spaces - Home Staging and Home Design / Styling are not created equal. And hear me when I say this - a homeowner should never Stage their own home!

When you design and style your home to live in, it gives you the opportunity to tell your personal story; showcasing pictures of your family vacation to Italy, favorite book collection, and family heirlooms. The style of your home should highlight what makes you and your family unique. It becomes your sanctuary that brings you and your family joy. Most items in your home are tied to emotions. In many situations, it is very challenging to make style changes to your home when it brings you joy and creates productivity in your life. This is where the problems start - what brings you joy and productivity probably does not do the same for the potential buyers. A homeowner cannot (and should not be expected to) detach the emotional connections from their home and belongings - after all, this is where you started your life with your spouse, raised your children, and celebrated your holidays.

You need the guidance of a Professional Home Stager to determine what can stay and what will distract your buyers from the main event - YOUR HOME!

These same joy invoking items will become distractions for the potential buyers. The pictures, books, and other items that you love so much, will be where the buyers put their attention instead of looking at your large pantry, new hardwood floors, and beautiful landscaping. Remember what we have said before, we have to show the buyers what they love (and it cannot be your antique plate collection....those are not for sale). We must depersonalize your home and remove any items before they become distractions. Determining this list should not be left to you or your real estate agent - y'all have far too many important things to worry finding your new home!

Additionally, the way you live in your home makes sense for your lifestyle. That extra dresser in your bedroom to store your t-shirt collection or the oversized dining table to accommodate your extra large family dinners on Sunday. These are all home decorating/styling decisions that are made to accommodate your lifestyle but may not showcase the size and best use of your home. More than likely, it does not align with how the new owner will live his or her life; thus, creating distractions and a negative impact on the showing experience.

The good news is there are so many amazing Professional Home Stagers that are eager to help you prepare your home for selling. And there are several things you can do to prepare for the Staging process. Here are some tips on how to prepare for an Occupied Home Staging Service with The RBCo.

Scheduling your Home Staging with The RBCo is very simple. We are usually scheduled out about 2 weeks in advance (however, we will always do our best to accommodate last minute requests). You can call/text (214.907.6613) or e-mail us at to request a Staging appointment.

Learn more about your Staging Services options with The RBCo!

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