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Help! I Need a Paint Color Recommendations

The text message that every Home Stager, Decorator and Designer hates to receive!

Here you are preparing to remodel your home or preparing to sell your home - or maybe your spunky 12 YO daughter took it upon herself to paint her room with Bulls Eye 1 2 3 Primer because she no longer loved the pineapple mural on her wall that she had to have just 3 years earlier (true story!). Whatever the situation, you need to pick paint colors

You know you want white or gray or beige - or maybe you are drooling over a moody green dining room you saw on The Gram at 3am. You take your DIY inspired self to Sherwin-Williams and start thumbing through paint cards and a blanket of total gloom comes over you. You had no idea that there were more shades of green than dress-up days in elementary school (yes, I said it - we have WAY TOO MANY dress-up days for my third grader). So you look to your network...who is "in the industry" or maybe you start thinking through all your besties homes to decide which has the best taste in home design. Surely you know someone who you can provide an on-demand paint color recommendation.

Well, I am here to tell you that not all spaces are created equal and not all whites will shine the same. I heard the best analogy while listening to the dream team of Alice Lane Interiors - if you have never listened to their podcast or scrolled their Instagram, you are missing out. In episode 4, "One of the Quickest Ways to Redecorate your Room | Wall Coverings" they discuss their follower's constant question of "what paint color do I pick?". They go on to explain that asking someone this question, is the same as going to your bestie and saying "what foundation color do you use? I want my face to look like yours". When I heard that analogy, the clouds parted and the sun shown down on me a little brighter. Check out the episode... I linked it for y'all!

I love to help my friends and clients - so, when I get the text message "Hey! I need to repaint my living room. What color should I choose.", I want to give them the perfect solution. But it is literally impossible to provide the right guidance without being in the space, seeing the flooring, furniture, decor and lighting. There are so many components to choosing the paint color. Although Sherwin-Williams Shoji White is a very safe white choice, it does not mean that it will give the same final look in every home you meet. Another important aspect to remember when remodeling your home - pick the paint color last! After you have chosen flooring, furniture, decor and art!

Home Staging Dallas Texas Rebecca Boler

So, what does this mean to the homeowner or real estate agents preparing to have a property painted? Just because I use MAC NW13 and you like my skin tone, does not mean that MAC NW13 will give you the same dewy glow! It also means, that I love helping my homeowners and real estate agents pick the right colors - I provide complimentary paint color recommendations with every Staging Consultation and Vacant Staging Service.

One more important thing to remember when picking paint...Sherwin-Williams is not Benjamin Moore is not Farrow & Ball. Whether you have made the decision to bring in a professional to give paint recommendations or you have chosen the color your self, do not let your painter tell you that they matched Sherwin-Williams SW 7042 with a Valspar paint. He did not! He cannot! DO NOT ACCEPT IT! Each brand has their unique qualities and manufacturing specifications. You cannot get a true match from brand to brand ... but we can dive into this on another date!

I love hearing everyone's questions, feedback, recommendations and requests!! Always feel free to call or text me...and I love coffee with friends! Let's connect!


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