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Why is Home Staging so expensive??

This question surfaces more often than I would like to admit...and I wish the answer was easy. is easy! Home Staging is NOT expensive. It is easier to understand this when you start to see some of the magic that goes on behind The RBCo curtain.

The cost of Home Staging can vary depending on several factors - the size of the home, the extent of staging required, the location, and the staging professional or company you choose to work with. Generally, Home Staging can be considered an investment that has the potential to yield a higher selling price and a faster sale (when done correctly and by a Professional Home Stager).

Professional Home Stagers typically offer various services and packages to suit different budgets / needs. Some may provide consultations and recommendations on how to best showcase your home using your existing furniture and decor (which can be much more cost-effective). On the other hand, Full-Service Staging (where your Stager brings in furniture, accessories, and decor) tends to be more expensive.

It is important to consider the potential return on investment when deciding whether or not to stage your home. Staging can enhance the appeal of your property -making it more attractive to potential buyers. A well-staged home will almost always sell more quickly and for a higher price.

Multiple factors can contribute to the overall expense of Home Staging:

#1: Professional Expertise & Training:

Home Staging requires the skills and expertise of a Professional Home Stager who understands how to enhance the appeal of a property. These professionals have a keen eye for design, knowledge of current market trends, and experience in showcasing homes effectively. But please remember, their expertise comes at a price.

#2: Furniture Decor / Rentals:

In many cases, Professional Home Stagers bring in furniture, accessories, artwork, and decor items to create an inviting, visually appealing environment. Renting or purchasing these items can be costly, particularly if the stager needs to furnish an entire property or large rooms.

#3: Storage & Transportation:

Stagers often maintain an inventory (furniture / accessories) that they use for staging purposes. These items must be stored, transported, and set up appropriately. Logistics involve costs related to storage facilities, transportation, and labor.

#4: Time & Labor:

Home Staging is not a quick process. Stagers spend time assessing each property, planning layouts, selecting and arranging furniture / accessories, and making various adjustments to create the ultimate appealing atmosphere. Your Stager's time and labor is factored into the overall expense.

#5: Insurance, Taxes, & Other Business Expenses:

Professional Home Stagers should always carry insurance to ensure that everyone is protected. Additionally, like any business, Stagers must pay taxes, legal, and marketing fees - along with a myriad of other business expenses to run the business.

It's important to note that while Home Staging has associated costs, it is ultimately an investment, aimed at maximizing the appeal and value of your home when selling. Staging WILL lead to a faster sale at a higher price.

Ready to attract your dream buyer? Contact us and let's get started Staging your home...FOR REAL!

Scheduling your Home Staging with The RBCo is very simple. We are usually scheduled out about 2 weeks in advance (however, we will always do our best to accommodate last minute requests). You can call/text (214.907.6613) or e-mail us at to request an appointment.

Learn more about your Staging Services options with The RBCo!

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